A cameraman in the middle of the race during the 3,000m sprint

The 3,000m sprint final was disrupted by the presence of a cameraman on the track during the first lap of the race. All participants managed to avoid it.

He was filming the triple jump competition without realizing what was happening behind his back. A cameraman briefly disrupted Monday’s 3,000m steeplechase final at the world athletics championships in Eugene . While he was filming the jumper, he found himself in the middle of the track when the riders were doing their first lap of the race, forcing them to go around it. This was particularly the case of Frenchman Mehdi Belhadj who had to deviate from his axis to avoid the collision.

He quickly pulled over

After realizing his mistake, the cameraman quickly pulled over to the side of the track. The Moroccan Olympic champion Soufiane El Bakkali finally won in 8’25”13 ahead of the Ethiopian Lamecha Girma and the reigning Kenyan world champion Conseslus Kipruto. Already beaten at the Tokyo Olympics last summer, Girma (21) again came up against El Bakkali who used his finish to dominate his competitors on the last lap, after a “slow” start to the race which allowed a ten riders to compete for places on the podium.

After silver in 2017 and bronze in 2019, El Bakkali has therefore completed his collection of world medals. Very active at the start of the race, Mehdi Belhadj finally finished in 13th place after the final packing.

Source: ESPN

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